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nursing school in california:Role Of Online Nursing Schools

The field of nursing has over time been embraced by men and women alike. Traditionally, women were the main gender found in the nursing profession, however because there have been many expansions to the kind of jobs in the field as well as the impact of a pro-gender equality society, men have also started to express interest in nursing. If you happen to be interested in nursing at one level or another, you should take a look at the top nursing schools indicated below for further information about their programs.

The TEAS exam should be easy for any future graduate to master as it covers content that is taught in most high schools grades 10-12. If you need a refresher course, you can look at the schools academic website to find study materials or preparatory course that can help you prepare for this type of test. Both of these exams whether at the 4-year or Junior college level are designed to see where you stand as far as academic excellence when you apply to the Bachelor of Science program for Nursing. It also ensures you have the basic math, science, reading and English skills needed to be successful throughout the nursing program.

Other requirements for most nursing programs also include the following: a standard background check and drug screening. you must pass a physical examination up to date Tetanus vaccinations proof of immunizations from rubella, varicella and hepatitis B

school will require you carry some type of malpractice insurance

Proof of current CPR certificate for adult, child and infant.

Not only basic education is offered at online nursing school in california but also higher education can be pursued by current nurses seeking career advancements and specializations. Completion of basic or advanced degree from one of the online nursing schools will earn you incentives as trained nurses. The salaries of nurses are high, as the demand of trained nurse is on the rise. The salary of full time registered nurses has seen a 32% hike as compared to previous year, it is now US$69,000.

University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania rounds out the list of top nursing schools. This one is actually one of the oldest universities in America and is also an Ivy League school. Under their Master's degree program, your course of study can range from the Adult Health Nurse Practitioner program, the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program and even the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. Any of these schools you decide to explore will definitely prove why they are the top nursing schools in the United States. You are guaranteed to get a sound education in this field and become well-prepared to take on the work world.

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